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a personal brand of digital works

Moving since the age of three, I have always had a creative streak. As a dancer, the process of collaboration and creation is readily familiar as it is such an integral part of performance and choreographing. The design process is similar to that of the choreographic process; drafting ideas, pitching and presenting incomplete drafts, receiving feedback, and working with others to make the best possible, cohesive outcome. Recently, digital design, front-end web development, marketing, and branding have been the channels for my creativity.

What is SEND?

SEND, Sabrina Easley Novel Designs, is my own personal brand. It encompasses all of my digital and creative endeavors, and this portfolio of my works seeks to curate towards this brand identity. I strive to offer branding, marketing, creative, and digital services with vigor. Seeking any of these services? You came to the right place.
Welcome to SEND.

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